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"Our sole purpose is to help you and your IT leaders to fuse business with technology, and transform your business. Through our leadership, solutions, services, innovations, and partnerships, we'll keep your business on the cutting edge. But our biggest differentiator as a company is that we're people-centric IT - from planning, to implementation, and monitoring. We cover it all from bottom to top and we'll be with you every step of the way."


Developed numerous projects using .NET Technology. Developed state of the Art Payment Processing System, Setting up your 'will' on-line, no car payment - car just won't start, lost your dog - just log in and find your dog and so on.


Developed numerous Android Apps - like Locator, Find Me, Health Monitor, Emp Tracking, Reminder, Realtor and so on. We have developed Apps for Hospitals to communicate Patients information securely.


PHP is one of the best Open Source Technology - easy to use and low development cost. XptSoft developed many PHP Projects using MySQL and SQL Server. We have executed projects using Drupal and .Net Nuke too.


Check out our State of the Art - GPS based App - Find Me or Fly Food. Find Me App, will allow your loved ones to find you even without calling you. If you are outside of your regular locations, your loved one will be alerted.


Check out Silverline. Simple web site but very smart web site which allows you to build your own computer or just check out price of your component. Everything is just by one click and you will get what you want.


Developed many Flash Web site with an integration with back-end system. Get it developed without paying Advance and if you don't like it - you just don't need to pay it. We deliver very high quality Flash Site at a fraction of cost.

Mobile Apps

We offer complex and highly interactive Mobile application development for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 8 mobile. With sleek and complete guidance till the success of your application!

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Application Development

Our Application Development services can help you realize cost advantages while simultaneously bringing improved, strategic value to the business. Not just now, but for years to come.

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Product Innovation

We have developed products like - no car lease payment - car won't start, lost your car / dog - find it on line, Alert call before freezer dies and so on. Check it out and experience the difference.

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Our Process

We focuses on aligning business operations with the needs and wants of the clients through process optimization.













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