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This part time internship offer enables you to gain real-world experience with an assurance of Full Time Job.

Anyone having positive attitude is more than welcome to join!

Hours and focus of work are flexible depending on availability, skills, and interest.

We are looking to hire someone immediately and if you are really looking for this job, please create your on-line profile and then call us to set up your Interview.

Job Description :

We are looking for an intelligent Intern Graphic Designer. The ideal candidate must have designed many graphic banners, mailers and posters. A solid grasp of the principles of graphic designing and an aesthetic bend of mind is essential. The Intern must be well-versed in related tools Corel Draw, Photoshop, FCP, Illustrator, etc.

Responsibilities include:
  • Ability to drive the design from initial concept through to final implementation
  • Designing Web layout, Banners, social creatives, website creative
  • Understanding of how to evangelize and use research to drive design decisions
  • Working with many diverse stakeholders and delivering multiple prototypes
  • Delivering designs as per deadlines
  • Continuously gauging the usability of new and existing products, and making constructive suggestions for change
  • Creating extremely edgy designs for Social media
Skills: Photoshop, Corel Draw, Dreamweaver and Illustrator. Basic knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, Illustrator and Flash is plus.
Education: Any Candidate is welcome to join our Team
Job Type: Part-Time
Perks:  Certificate, Letter of recommendation, Pre placement offer (PPO), Flexible work hours, Informal dress code.

Internship Objectives:
  • Gain experience in a professional work environment
  • Demonstrate effective analytical and development skills
  • Develop professional relationships with your associates and management
  • Enhance your knowledge of necessary tools and applications
  • Strengthen your ability to collaborate in a team environment

For You: This internship will enable the successful candidate to work on live projects of US Clients and obtain valuable specialized experience in Front-End Web Technology with SQL Server, Responsive Web and other related areas.

The ideal candidate will possess the highest quality standards, a positive attitude, a flexible schedule and be able to adapt to new and possibly stressful situations. Attention to detail is a must.

At VIPSha, we look not only for top performers, but those with high ethics to match our company values. We believe treating one another with respect and integrity is the only way to do business. Ambitious professionals who join VIPSha will advance their career, learn cutting-edge technologies and skills, and build a personal partnership for long-term success as our commitment to you.

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